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from yourself

Findi, the personal trainer for your finances that makes it easy, fun, and profitable to save money. Findi uses automatic recurring payments to build up savings for you and personal accountability partners to keep your money safe….from yourself.

Step 1

Choose Your Goal

Whether you’re saving for a vacation, a new home, or just to have an emergency medical fund, set up your financial goal first.
Step 2

Set Your Amount

Once you decide on your financial goal, choose a reasonable amount you are able to routinely save, most users choose to automate withdrawals weekly. FINDI will then calculate how long it will take you to hit your target and help you link your bank account.
Step 3

Choose Your Goalkeeper

A goalkeeper functions as deterrent to breaking your pledge. Users are unable to withdraw money from the account until they complete their goal, or get permission from the goalkeeper. Choose someone trustworthy in your life for this role.

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FINDI is FDIC insured and uses bank-level security to guarantee your money is safe.


Goalkeepers never have access to your money or visibility to how much is in your Goalbank.


Findi enables low income citizens to increase savings and avoid the traps of loan sharks and payday lenders.

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About 70% of Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings and only 10% of those in credit card debt are there because their needs outpace their income.

Research proves that humans have only a 10% chance of completing a goal (such as a savings goal) when it is only an idea, but this increases to 95% when tied to another human and a specific appointment.

Findi combines the power of behavioral science with a people first, profits second mission. We’re not just looking to give you a tool, we want to help promote good money habits, community building and financial literacy. That’s why we call Findi the personal trainer for your finances.
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